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At SparkMediaX, we offer various video production services such as; whiteboard videos, 2d animated explainer videos, corporate videos, sales videos, ‘How To’ videos, product related videos, video reels, video intros, promo videos, etc. We also offer professional video editing, Vlogging, YouTube video development, videos for social media ads, and general video marketing services. At SparkMediaX, we have team of animators, professional voice over artists, script writers and copywriters.

SparkMediaX was founded by a passionate freelancer, Kingsley. After recording much success with top freelancing platforms, Kingsley decided to establish his own brand and help companies transact with ease.

At SparkMediaX, our major interest is to help you grow. We want to increase your brand awareness and increase your sales through videos. Videos play important roles in today’s online business, and that is why SparkMediaX was established to help you get the best out of your visual content needs, at an affordable rate.

With SparkMediaX, you do not need to pay for any periodic subscription like most video production agencies do, you simply pay for what you’re getting. We are also available for long term projects. We can become your video production company from start-to-finish.

We would like our clients transact and pay for our services with ease. You simply pay after seeing what we would offer.

SparkMediaX is a fast-growing video production agency. Our corporate video service is top class with free revisions. Our services are affordable with class. The best part of our team is the zeal, passion, love, and interest to get your job done, exceed your expectations, and meet your business goals.

Once again, thank you for coming to us, we are always ready and eager to do business with you. SparkMediaX, we love turning your contents into videos!

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You need to take advantage of the love for videos. The average internet user loves video. If you are interested in turning your contents into great videos, we are here. If you’re looking for animated videos, we are here, if you are looking for script writers to write compelling scripts, we are here, if you would like to get voice over artists bring your video to life, we are here. Do business with us. We are dedicated, loving, caring and fun.

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