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Animated video production

Animated video production is essential for any video production agency today! That is why we assembled some of the best talents to handle this part of our company’s service. We offer professional whiteboard animated video production service at an affordable rate.

Over the years, whiteboard animated video production service has grown from simple hand drawn visual effects, to more complex, interesting, and appealing visual contents. At SparkMediaX, we are always eager to produce whiteboard video that can keep your audience engaged. We are made up of professional story tellers. We know how to tell the story the whiteboard way. Do you want to sell your products and services using whiteboard animated videos? Get in touch with us right away!

Features of Whiteboard Animated Video Production

We produce whiteboard video with scripts, voice over, illustrations, and background music. This is an all-inclusive whiteboard animated video production service. We can help create and integrate the video with your own background music, script, icons and illustrations.

The question is what is whiteboard animated video?

According to Wikipedia, “Whiteboard animation is the process of which an author physically draws and records an illustrated story using a whiteboard- or whiteboard like surface- and marker pens. The animations frequently are aided with narration by script.” Source: what is whiteboard video?

Stages Involved to Produce Whiteboard Video

At SparkMediaX, we undertake the following stages to produce whiteboard video for our beloved clients:

  1. Understanding your idea: at this stage, we ask a lot of questions. Our team just want to be sure we understand what you’re looking for. We also want to be sure animated video production is best for your idea. Our experts achieve this through the various communication channels such as: skype, email and facebook page messenger.
  2. Creation/reviewing of script:  The script remains one of the most important aspect of our video creation service. We pay serious attention to this stage. Our team is made up of professional script writers. We have script writers who can come up with a good script suitable for your idea. This can be done within 48 hours. After this is has been done, our sales representative will send the copy to you. We expect you to review this within 24 hours and get back to us. We ensure the script is in perfect condition before proceeding to the next stage. We accommodate already made scripts. Our script writers will simply review your script and forward it to our video creation experts.

Core Production Stages

  1. Design and video creation: At SparkMediaX, we have creative individuals who can bring your script to life. We design and create the video to meet your needs. You’re to review the video once we are done. You simply review and get back to us within 24 hours.
  2. Final video design and creation stage: This is an important stage. We simply make sure the changes you requested are implemented. We will not send back this copy to you. We simply send it to our voice over talents to create the voice for the script. Send your voice audio file to us for synchronization.
    produce whiteboard video

    Animated video production

  3. Voice over stage: Like we said in the previous stage, we will create the voice over if you really don’t have an already made voice file for this project. You will choose between our TTS voices or natural human voices. If you already have the voice, we simply create the video with it.
  4. Revisions: this stage has to do with any revision you would like us to apply. There are different number of revisions available for our various video creation services. This must have been discussed with you before your order got processed. Our Project Editor usually go through the final video before we send to you. We do this to ensure you’re satisfied with our service.


We do our best to produce whiteboard video quickly. We wouldn’t like to delay your time. Our company has different talents handling the various stages. We want to make the entire production process as fast as possible. Our packages come with express order. Just send us a message requesting to know more about our Express Order. Our Whiteboard animated video production remains one of the best. Our video production services are very affordable. We also offer the best customer service experience to our customers.

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