Whiteboard Animated Video Production

Animated video production is essential for any video production agency today! That is why we assembled some of the best talents to handle this part of our company. At SparkMediaX, we offer professional whiteboard animated video production service at an affordable rate.

We produce whiteboard video along with scripting, voice over and background music. This is an all-inclusive whiteboard animated video production at an affordable rate. If you already with your own script, background music and voice over, we simply help you integrate them with the video.

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Video Editing Services

At SparkMediaX, we offer excellent video editing services to business owners both for online and offline use. Our video editing services cover every aspect of post video production service. This service is suitable for YouTubers, Instagram TV account owners, Facebook Ad campaign, and other online video platforms.

Our professional video editing services come with free revisions. We offer up to 5 free revisions until you’re satisfied. No matter the number of clips you have, we can help you put them together into a great video. All you have to do is tell us exactly what you would like us to do, then place your order. We can do it the way you want and imagined. Whatever your video editing needs are, we have the team of editors to handle them all.

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Corporate Video Production

Our corporate video production is essential for your business branding both online and offline. At SparkmediaX, we have assembled professional corporate video creators to help you create superb videos for your brand.

We didn’t start today, our job here is to create corporate video that can meet your  brand such as, brand flow, brand colour, text style, logo intro, outro, etc.

If you don’t have intro and outro, no problem, we can create one for you. SparkMediaX provides professional corporate video production for different brands across the globe.

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YouTube Video Creation & Management

SparkMediaX has the management capacity to take up your YouTube and all social media visual contents and manage them all.

We have the team on ground to help create YouTube engaging videos, optimize these videos and manage them for you. We can also help grow your channel as long as you give us the channel to manage.

We can create and optimize videos for major social media platforms. We will present you with draft as we progress and you can easily track your growth. Our YouTube and social media video management plan is strictly for our monthly payment.

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Professional Intro Video

One of the best part of any video is the intro and outro. At SparkMediaX, we help organizations create professional and neat intro and outro videos. Over the years, we have team members who are core intro and outro video creators. We have them working with us.

If you would like to create great looking video intro for your video project, SparkMediaX is your perfect choice. We create this within 2 days at an affordable rate. We make use of your logo, tagline, title, etc. We create 3d video into perfect for your business.

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Hire Professional Voice Over Artist

Do you have that video and you need a superb professional voice artist? If that is your current situation, SparkMediaX can help you. At SparkMediaX, we have team of professional voice over Artists who work round the clock to provide us with professionally made voice over for our video production services.

We have two types of voice over services: we have human voice over artists and computerized voice over artists. Both are good. It boils down to your budget. We have samples of both if you need to evaluate. SparkMediaX makes decision for business owners very easy.

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Professional Script and copy-writing services

Videos are nothing without superb scripts and copies. That is why SparkMediaX, a video production agency, assembled some of the best talents to help our clients create outstanding video scripts and copies.

We bill per seconds. This means we got you covered, no matter the length of your video. Our professional content services also offers copy-writing services. No what your content needs are, we have the experience and team members to take up the projects. If you would need a regular blog post, social media posts, video scripts, marketing copies, sales copies, etc, we are here to help you.

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Reach Thousands Of Visitors

Take advantage of our All-In-One Business Bundle. This plan helps you grow your online visibility, and get more sales through aggressive video marketing and social signals.

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