Importance of whiteboard animation video to your business

Whiteboard animation video is an explainer video, typically used to sell a product, service or describe a system. Whiteboard animation videos are incredibly effective for communicating complex ideas. Explainer video production company creates videos using whiteboard animation video style.
Marketers believe that using whiteboard animation video can boost retention and attention for your audience.
According to Optinmonster, marketers who use videos get 66% qualified leads each year. The study further stated that video marketers achieve 54% brand awareness optinmonster
Now, that is incredible, right? How about whiteboard animation videos? Here are 8 benefits of whiteboard animation video to your business:
1. When used properly and creatively, whiteboard animation videos can actually make it easier for your customers to understand your product and services better. And you know, that is good for your business.
2. Whiteboard animation is built on simplicity:
This is where whiteboard animation technology sells better. Whiteboard animation videos are simple. Whiteboard animations embrace this principle with basic black-and-white drawings and minimal text. Colours are applied mainly to highlight important information. The guiding line drawing adds to the simplicity of a whiteboard animation video.

Check out this simple short whiteboard animation video we created for one of our customers:

3. No need to appear in front of the camera or hire actors: if what you’re trying to achieve does not require your face to appear on the screen or hire actors, whiteboard animation is the sure way to go. Your video will come out as a top quality piece that can meet your needs professionally. This method is cheaper than hiring actors as well. If you need a whiteboard animation video, click the link below to contact us for free consultation:

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4. Hand drawn art looks scientific and convincing

The hand drawing which is very popular with whiteboard animation is very convincing to viewers. This is one of the reasons whiteboard animation videos are very popular among creators.
5. Animated writing and erasing on a chalkboard looks entertaining
When used properly and creatively, this can really help improve the purpose the video was created for. Some whiteboard animation videos use this technique to sell products and services. Viewers easily get bored and capturing and retaining their attention by making your video entertaining is an added advantage to your business. Check out where we used this style for a client’s video:

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6. Can be easily edited or updated
Whiteboard animation video can be edited and updated easily as long as the source files are still available. This is important to every business owner. This makes production easier and faster when you simply want to update your video with new and few related information.
7. Low cost, ease of operation
When you compare whiteboard video animation to other type of animation videos, this can be cheaper and easier to produce. Every business owner love to save cost. So, if you’re looking for something that won’t cost you much and still effective, you can use whiteboard animation video to sell your products and services.

Check out this video we did for a client without breaking the bank:

8. Increase Traffic & Conversion Rates
We can’t take it away from whiteboard animation video when it comes to increase in traffic and conversion rate. This is because viewers generally love whiteboard animations. So, when your video is appreciated, more viewers will likely click on your link to benefit from your offers.

Whiteboard animation video is an excellent way to capture people’s imagination, no matter what type of business you run. It’s a way to appeal to people on both emotional and logical levels.
Today businesses all over the world are recognizing the power of whiteboard animation to help build greater brand awareness and sales.
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