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How to save Gif from twitter is quite a popular guide many twitter users search for online daily. If you’re reading this article, that means you’re interested in how to save gif from twitter. You may also be interested in how to save Gif from twitter on iphone. Any ways, this article will help you to know the exact way to save gif from twitter. We all love Gif, right? I do, we do! Animated Gif can help your marketing campaigns too. They are really popular among internet users. We also create them at SparkMediaX.

What is the meaning of Gif?

You may be wondering what Gif really stands for. Gif simply means Graphics Interchange Format. They are images that can be animated or static. It is usually a loop animated or static image. Recently, Gif has become popular among social media users. They can be used to convey short video clips in the form of image. Take a look at this sample of animated image created by our animation department. Check out 5 best promotional video tips

Sample animated gif produced by sparkmediax team for a client

Twitter is notorious for numerous Gif among the users. Unfortunately, the platform made it quite difficult to save Gif from twitter. This is why many people are searching how to save gif from twitter. You can check out Best lead generation companies 2019

How to save Gif from twitter

Unfortunately, Twitter makes it hard downloading Gif from the platform. This is because twitter converts Gif file into mp4. According to twitter, this strategy was designed to make the platform faster. In order to save Gif from twitter, you will need to use an external service that offers this service to twitter users. You can read up how to save video from facebook

Twitter video to gif

Basically how this works is that the Gif gets converted into video by Twitter and an external service provider simply converts the video from twitter back into Gif for you to download. That is how twitter video to gif works. So, read on to perfectly understand how you too can easily convert your twitter video to gif. You can read up why your business needs facebook video ad

Best Twitter Gif downloader- EZGIF

EZGIF remains the best twitter gif downloader out there at the moment. It is pretty easy and straightforward to use. Also you do not need to download any software before using it. EZGIF simply works like this: when you see the Gif you would like to download, simply copy the url of the Gif from twitter, and paste it on EZGIF, apply the settings and have it downloaded to your device. It is that simple! You can also read up how to go live on facebook: The 2019 best guides

How to save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone

In order to save gif from twitter app, you will need to click the ‘share’ button located under the tweet.

click the ‘share’ button


Three options will pop up immediately, select ‘share tweet via…’

select the ‘share to tweet via…’

Then select the ‘copy link’ option.

copy the url

Navigate to your browser and visit EZGIF. Paste the link directly on the provided box and select ‘upload’.

Navigate to on your browser

After selecting ‘upload,’ you will see the preview of the clip along with other settings. Use Fps of up to 25 for best conversion.

EZGIF gif preview

Select ‘convert’ to begin the process of converting your file. Once you’re done, simply select ‘save,’ to save the file on your device.

After converting, select ‘save’ to save the gif to your iphone

How to save Twitter GIFs on  computer

In order to save Gif from twitter on computer, simply follow the simple procedure: select the drop down arrow of the tweet where the Gif was published. Simply select ‘copy link to tweet.’ At this moment, the link must have been saved into your clipboard.

Save gif from twitter

Save gif from twitter on computer

You can also copy the url directly from your browser url bar. Make sure the tweet is opened before copying the url from the browser search bar.

After you might have copied the Gif url, go straight to and paste the link on the provided box and select ‘upload.’

Save gif from twitter on computer

How to Save gif from twitter on computer

Once you’re done uploading the file, few settings would be made available for you to choose from. We strongly recommend you select up to 25 fps to ensure smoother conversion. Select ‘convert to Gif.’ After converting, your Gif would be available for download straight into your computer.

Save gif from twitter on computer

how to save gif from twitter on computer

You can go ahead and save it by clicking the ‘save’ option.

Well, that is the easiest way on how to save Gif from twitter. We were able to cover the best method to save gif from twitter, twitter video to gif. We also explained how to save Twitter GIFs on iPhone and how to save twitter gif on computer. They are easy and fast to get done. Enjoy gif and use them for  your marketing campaign as well. Check out Best social media marketing tips 2019

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