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Our corporate video production is essential for your business branding both online and offline. At SparkmediaX, we have assembled corporate video production experts to help you create superb corporate videos for your brand.

We didn’t start today, our job here is to create corporate video that can meet your brand style such as, brand flow, brand colour, text style, logo intro, outro, etc.

If you don’t have intro and outro, no problem, we can create one for you. SparkMediaX provides professional corporate videos for different brands across the globe.

Table of content

  1. What is corporate video?
  2. Examples of corporate videos
  3. Importance of corporate video to your business
  4. Corporate video best practices
  5. Stages involved in corporate video production
  6. Conclusion

What is corporate video?

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Corporate video production service

 To determine what corporate video is all about, it is best we take a look at what an authority site has to say about this subject matter: According to Wikipedia, “Corporate video refers to any type of non-advertisement based video content created for and commissioned by a businesscompanycorporation, or organization.” Source  

Simply defined, corporate video is a visual content that is produced by companies, business outfits, corporations, and agencies for their own marketing needs. Every business or company has marketing needs. When we create corporate videos at SparkMediaX, we endavour to find out what the purpose of the video is all about. Wikipedia further noted that; “Today, the vast majority of corporate video content is hosted online and is published on the company’s website page and distributed through social media or email marketing.” Source

Companies use corporate videos to target the company’s core selling market or internal employee. The marketing director or corporate communications manager oversees the creation and production of corporate videos. They can hire or outsource their corporate video production service to video production agency such as SparkMediaX.

Examples of corporate videos?

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  1. Corporate overview videos
  2. Staff training and safety videos
  3. Promotional/brandfilms
  4. Investor relations and shareholder videos
  5. Market updates videos
  6. Product videos
  7. Executive proposal videos
  8. Customer testimonial videos

The above listed are some of the best-known corporate videos. As a video production agency, we handle any type of corporate video production for our clients.

Importance of corporate video to your business


Importance of corporate video to your business

A professionally created corporate video can help portray the profile of your company’s products and services to the intended market. It is one of the best ways to reach more clients, customers and gain more brand exposure. Here are some of the importance of corporate videos:

  1. Increase your business reach: The demand for video contents are on the increase every day. This is why websites such as YouTube and other video based websites keep growing each day. When you take the advantage of corporate videos, you simply increase your business reach. You can achieve this by sharing your corporate videos on social media platforms and embrace other video marketing strategies.
  2. It can make your company go viral: Every company loves to go viral. It is part of publicity. It is what we all love to do. Videos can easily go viral compared to written contents. A short and professionally made corporate video can easily make your company go viral online and offline. At SparkMediaX, we dedicate our time and energy to produce good corporate videos for our customers.
  3. Grow brand awareness: Brand awareness has become extremely important in the business world. It’s easier to gain more brand awareness through corporate videos. At SparkMediaX, we brand your corporate video to meet your company’s standard branding style.
  4. Cost Effective: Corporate videos are cost effective than ever before. Take advantage of this superb marketing strategy to expose your products and services to your target market.
  5. According to research, corporate videos engage your target audience up to 250% more.
  6. Research further has it that corporate videos generate more visibility and exposure by building a stronger offline and online corporate presence.
  7. It is easier to pass across your messages through corporate videos than through any other means. Corporate videos help to provide valuable information to your target audience.

Corporate video best practices

Corporate Video Best Practices

  1. Know your means of distribution: Before you ask us for corporate video production, it’s paramount for you to determine your distribution channel. Aside YouTube, there are other video content websites. Also, these websites come with various rules and styles. You can always count on us to help you out.
  2. Create a superb content: The content of your video is very important. You need to create a good script. You need to create an engaging script flow. You need videos that can engage your audience and make them take desired action. At SparkMediaX, we can help you create an engaging video script of any type.
  3. Be as precise as possible: Viewers love short visual contents more. Aside movies, viewers wouldn’t love to spend too much time watching videos. This is why you need to determine your video length. You need to have a target range for this. We recommend your corporate video to be as concise as possible.
  4. Be very clear: We would assist you with this if possible. You need to be as clear as possible. Let your audience know exactly why you created the video. A corporate video with a clear and direct message is more effective and powerful. Do not beat around the bush.
  5. What is the goal of your corporate video? You need to know why you want to create a corporate video. This will help us guide and make suggestions for you. Sadly, many business owners don’t have a goal in respect to corporate video production. This is not healthy.

Stages involved in corporate video production

Stages of Corporate Video Production At SparkMediaX

At SparkMediaX, we undertake the following stages to produce your corporate videos:

  1. We find out what you want: After contacting us, we simply communicate with you to find out more about what you want us to create for you. We also use this stage to know if corporate video will best serve your needs. We achieve this through our various means of communication. We ask a lot of questions at this stage.
  2. File sourcing: We would ask you to make available the files that would be used to produce your corporate video. This can be images, video footage, infographics, and others. You can send these files to us via any online medium such as Google drive. We can also discuss the way forward if you don’t have any of these for your corporate video production.
  3. Preparing script: We usually ask for script or story board. This will guide us on the what to add, what to remove, scenes, and so on. We do create this or ask you to send to us. We usually prefer documented version of this for reference sake.
  4. Production phase 1: We simply create the corporate video and send the first draft to you. You’re to review this video and get back to us within 24 hours.
  5. Final production phase: We get the video back from you. Our team simply implement the changes and corrections as needed. Our Senior Project Editor reviews before the video gets back to you. We have various revision packages for our services. Take advantage of these free revision offers. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Corporate video production remains one of the best ways to grow your business reach, engage your audience, make sales, and improve brand awareness effectively. At SparkMediaX, we endavour to create professionally made corporate videos for our clients. Our production is fast and reliable. You get great customer experience and superior value. Order our corporate video production service right away, click the button below.

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