Video marketing is needed by every serious-minded business owner. This point can never be over emphasized enough. The major point these days about video marketing is the approach towards video marketing. That means how brands use video marketing and various strategies brands use.
Video marketing is no longer just a single piece of your overall marketing plan. Your video marketing strategy is the core of your outreach and campaign efforts. The point we are raising is that your video marketing strategy is core to your social strategy.
Users love video, and video has really dominated social networking sites. Read 5 reasons your business needs Facebook video Ad. You can also watch this short Facebook video ad.

To give you a clearer picture about the importance of video to your business, Hubspot, in a recent research, noted that four of the top six channels on which the global community watch video are social media websites. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of facebook, video is a ‘mega trend’ just like mobile trend. To further show you the importance we are talking about, a Facebook executive predicted recently that Facebook may become all video platform in less than 5 years.

I had to point out these facts to let you know that if you’re not creating video, you’re seriously missing out. It can not be over emphasized that most internet users are willing to watch video than to read written content. Personally, I think it’s easier to watch video than to read. Well, you don’t need to be scared, you do not need to break your head for video production. What may interest most users these days as long as video production is concerned is how authentic the content of the video is. For most videos, the simpler, the better for most users.

And the good news is that video production is more cost effective these days. This makes your video marketing journey easier than ever before. You can shoot 4k video with your smartphone without wasting much time. And with the help of many video editing software, you can easily edit your videos to meet the needs of your target market.

Video marketing sincerely can still be a bit complicated if not done properly, not withstanding that video production and video editing software have made video creation more cost effective. This is why SparkMediaX created this post-to give you the best video marketing guide. You can thank us later.

The Reason You Need to Focus on Video Marketing in 2019

In 2016, we witnessed rapid growth in the popularity of video as a content marketing strategy. In 2017, we saw the how video rose to become top video marketing tactics for many online marketers. In 2018, we saw how video transformed into a full-blown business marketing strategy for serious business owners.

Probably, you were using video as a tactics for your business goal. Video as a tactics is based on expensive production with little attention given to analysis. This is a wrong move!

The right way to approach video marketing is to use video as a strategy. Video as a strategy is the future. It’s handled by the entire team in your business with attention given to goal and analysis.

A report by HubSpot research suggested that over 55% of global consumers are interested in videos from brands. They are more interested in video contents more than any other form of content. According to an article on Depositphotos Blog, video has the potential to increase conversion rate by 80% when placed on landing pages. The same article from Depositphotos noted that people are likely to open an email more by 19% if the email has a mere mention of the word ‘video’ in the subject line. That is incredible! The same blog post further stated that over 80% of customers admitted that videos help them during buying decisions. This shows that video can be used properly for marketing. Video is not a mere entertainment source. It can be used to grow, position and brand your business. Check out HubSpot blog post about brand awareness:


credit: HubSpot

According to various studies, video can be used as the core tool for salespeople throughout the customer buying experience. Video can increase engagement and can do more than that. Video marketing that is properly done can aid salespeople to prioritize unresponsive leads. The technology is here with us.

Video is also important to the service team. The service team personnel can use video marketing to understand the customer better. Videos such as knowledge-based videos, support video calls, customer testimonial, on-boarding videos, meet the team videos, etc, can be used to understand customers and offer better customer service.

Different Types of videos used for video marketing

*Personalized Messages

In video marketing, videos can be created in such a way that it give users personalized messages. This can be done by recording yourself to discuss about experience or offer personal recommendation. Such videos create bond and are really effective.

*360° & Virtual Reality (VR) Videos

Virtual Reality Videos give the viewers access to navigate and control their personal experience. Some companies are making use of this type of video to engage customers and improve customer excitement. These videos are usually viewed with the aid of apps such as Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

*Live Videos

If you intend to give your viewers the excitement of viewing the behind-the-scenes experience, Live videos remain your best option. Live videos tend to offer longer engagement rates. Viewers spend longer time viewing live videos such as Live-stream interviews, events, and presentation than video on-demand. The technology we have today means you can enjoy this technology right away without breaking the bank. Also, viewers can ask questions live. This creates better engagement and mood.

*Case Study

When it comes to landing a new customer, it becomes easier if you can create case study videos. Case study videos, or customer testimonial videos can be used to make prospective customers see reason why they should embrace your service or products. Check out this simple customer testimonial video:

*Animated Videos

This type of video can be used for video marketing. Animated videos can be used to explain complex services, and products or concept that require strong visual appeal. Animated videos have grown over the years. It is one of the best video marketing content used by many professionals. There are different types of animated videos. You can check out one of our animated videos created using TTS voice over. You can also read why your business needs video inforgraphics.

*Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have come to stay. Explainer videos have helped many business owners sell their products and services to the world. Typical explainer videos pay attention to a character who struggles with a problem or an issue but got rescued by the company that owes the explainer video. Check out this explainer video we did for one of our clients in Canada. Client didn’t want voice over for the explainer video. The video was to be shown at a big event where noise couldn’t be controlled.

*Educational or How-To Videos

This remains one of the best videos in video marketing. How-To videos can be used to teach your viewers something new about your product, service or business. Most times, brands use this type of video to teach their viewers how to use their product.  These types of videos can be used by your sales and service teams to work with your customers. These types of videos can improve customer experience.

Check out one of How-To-To videos we created for one of our clients based in Europe.

*Expert Interviews

This is one of the best ways to capture the interest of your market. Expert interview videos are great for video marketing. There are influencers in your niche, there experts in other companies that are not yours, right? Getting the views of experts within your firm or those outside your firm remains a key video marketing content. This maybe difficult to shoot and get, but if you can get the views of these experts in front of your audience, you are one step ahead. Here is an example of an expert interview we edited for one of our clients based in Europe.

*Event Videos

If your business is hosting a conference, fundraiser, round table discussion, or any type of event, you can use that opportunity to produce a video reel that highlights the interesting moments of the event. This type of video is usually very engaging when properly marketed. Check out this video reel we did for a client to highlight an upcoming event:

*Brand Videos

Brand videos can be created to showcase a company’s vision, mission, products and services. Brand videos are serious and authoritative and should reflect the core values of the company. Brand video should have the feel of your company and brand. The major goal of brand video in video marketing is to build awareness for your company and get more prospect to your business.

*Demo Videos

Like the name suggests, demo videos help to tell your target audience how your product works. It is best used for new products or services. This type of video is awesome too. Viewers get to see how your product works.

Processes involved in video creation

The first step to take before recording, and editing your video is to discuss about the main goal of the video. This should start with, ‘what do I want to achieve with this video?’ When you ask and answer this question, you will then decide which type of video to create. We already discussed the types of videos you can use. A well-defined video goal will determine which type of video to create. Another important question you need to ask your self is ‘what exactly do you expect your viewers to do, gain or perform after watching your video?’ This means you have serious brainstorming session to do.

If you do not get this done properly, you may find your self wasting money, time and energy. One of our clients didn’t get this part of the video project done properly, the client and his team are currently still battling on how best to incorporate the storyboard. The client wanted the storyboard done by in-house. Well, we accepted and worked with the storyboard. They failed to prepare properly or seek for assistance when needed. What is the result of this? Wasted time and more expensive production. Ask the right questions, define your goal and understand what you wanted before shooting and editing your video.

You can get the views of everyone in your team or those assigned to get the job done. Their views will help you during the video creation process. You can make use of Google Forms to get their views through questionnaire method. Questions such as the following can be asked:


  1. Determine who your target audience is: You need to know from the very beginning the people you intend to target with your video.
  2. Determine the goal: you need to find out what goal you intend to achieve with the video. Do you intend to increase brand awareness, make more sales, promote an event, launch a new product or service, etc. This is very important and as you get these views, get them filtered somewhere.
  3. Which platform are you going to use? You need to determine which platform to use to broadcast your video. This is very important in video marketing. Each platform has its peculiar settings. Will the video be on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, website, YouTube, etc.
  4. When do you want the video to be ready? You need to determine this in order to properly position your budget.
  5. What is the budget for the video? Video creation can be expensive. Like we always tell our clients, there is a video for every budget. SparkMediaX offers affordable video creation services. Just discuss with us.
  6. How are you going to measure your goal? This is very important in video marketing. You need to discuss the best way to measure your target goals. To do this, you need to set a goal first.

Here are the steps for video creation process

  1. Scripting: in video marketing, you need a script for proper video creation and timing. Many business owners do skip this stage but it’s not nice to skip the scripting process. Skipping scripting is not good for video marketing. The script will properly outline the audio and visual elements of the video. You can use Google Docs. This will enable other team members to assess the script and drop their comments if there is a need for that. If there is no need for this, you can simply use MS Word. Here is an example of a script.

In video marketing, it’s important to prepare your script in such a way that your audience will be able to understand the purpose of the video within few seconds. This is important because viewers online tend to abandon video half way. If you’re able to make them know the essence of the video right on time, the topic may keep them longer to the end. Make sure the script is perfect and in good condition. At SparkMediaX, we can help you create or edit script. You can contact us for this.

2. Understanding Your Camera: We live in the technology driven world and things have become relatively easier compared to in the past. You can shoot your videos with your smart phone. Your iPhone can turn out to be your own camera. You can also shoot videos with your high-end smart Android phones. You can watch this video on how to shoot a good video with your iphone and the second video on how to use Smart Android phone to shoot a professional video.

Shooting videos with more advanced cameras:

If you’re comfortable using more advanced options to shoot your videos, you can consider these two types of cameras: prosumer camera and a professional camera. The prosumer cameras serve like a bridge between the basic camera and the more advanced cameras. The cameras keep things simple and come with fixed lens.

Professional cameras: these types of cameras give you control over the manual settings and more options for advanced video shooting. Cameras in this class are expensive. Do your research properly before making any purchase. You can read more about camera here.

Continuation of the video creation process

3. Preparing your studio: this is best if you have time for this. If you do not have time for this, you can easily outsource this aspect of the video creation process. Also, depending on what you intend to achieve, most videos can be handled without too much of anything. You can create your video using your iPhone or android smart phone. You can have a temporal setting for the shots. Most of my clients did their videos using their smart phones, had a good and basic temporal scene setup and everything went fine. They sent the final raw footage to us and we did the post production workflow. Other clients hired us to create script and use raw video footage available online to create final videos. Some simply wanted animated videos which were done completely by us. This is why you need to understand what you really want to achieve with your video. Seriously, you can get more done without purchasing any expensive gadget.

4. Your talent: if your video does require talents, you will be needing talent for the shots. Take for instance, an explainer animated video only needs illustrated character design. So, understanding the type of video you need for your video marketing solves half of your problem. If you’re going to produce expert interview videos, you will need experts to be interviewed. You will need to get to them and book a date for the interview. You may need a demo video and an artist to demonstrate the video. You can get this inhouse or hire an artist to do this for you. The post production can handle the areas that are not wanted after the video shots. When some of our clients send videos for editing, we get to cut off many parts because they are not needed or properly shot.

5. Editing: this is very vital in video marketing. This is where video intro and outro versions are incorporated, colour improved, sounds added, transitions added, lower thirds, etc. You will need to determine what sort of editing you need. When you approach a video editor with a clear view of what you want, you have solved half of the problem. At SparkMediaX, we can help edit your videos professionally. You can also get this done using video editing software that are available.

6. The choice of background music: this is another important part of your video production process. The music affects the mood of your audience. This is why you need to choose good background music. At SparkMediaX, we can help source for background music with royalty free right. If you have your own music, you can make it available for your editor to use. AudioJungle is a popular site to find royalty free music. The nature of your audience also determines the type of music you should be using for your video. Consider your audience and the message you would like to pass through the video before selecting your background music.

7. Voice over: this is very important to your video creation process. Voice over can be defined as a separate video narration that is used to read the video script. Voice over as a tool in video creation can be used to give your video a mood. There are professional voice over artists out there. They can be really expensive to hire. SparkMedia can help you out with voice over. If you have good voice, you can get this done all by yourself. However, we suggest you hire a professional for this because the voice and music are as important as the visual elements of your video.

8. Getting your video on the web: after shooting, editing, adding voice over, music, and other elements, your next step is to get your video out there on the web. This is something you must have decided before editing and exporting your video because these platforms have their own peculiar settings. YouTube is the most popular among them all. According to this article, Youtube is the largest video hosting platform in the world. It is the third most visited website on earth. Above all, YouTube is free. Vimeo is another video hosting platform. For better understanding of the two most popular video hosting websites, check out this article.

Vidyard is another video hosting platform. However, according to the company, Vidyard is more than just video hosting. Vidyard believes that you can generate and close more deals with the video platform trusted by the fastest growing companies. This is another great video platform for your video marketing campaigns. Others you need to consider are Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. You simply need to decide right on time where you want your video to sit. We advise you make use of as many platforms you can understand as possible. SparkMediaX understands how these videos platforms setting works. We can help you out with this.

Video Marketing


As a result of the amount of energy, time, and resources dedicated to creating videos, we suggest that you don’t just approach your video marketing without a solid plan in place. You need to create a solid video marketing strategy that works. Video marketing should be part of your core marketing strategy. It should be a face on it own. This means you have to approach video marketing like you approach inbound marketing methodology.

What is inbound marketing? This is a marketing method that focuses on sales by attracting customers through purposeful contents, interact with these customers and proffer helpful solutions to their problems. It should be strategically done. The contents you created should be able to identify the challenges your target audience maybe facing, and proffer working solution. The goal of this marketing method is to guide the customer through the journey of becoming aware of your product, assessing your product and making a purchase of your product.

The various stages of video marketing


  1. Attract:

The first stage is to attract your audience. This stage involves capturing a stranger into a viewer. At this stage, the viewer has a problem and maybe seeking for solution. This means the videos you create at this stage should be channeled towards identifying the challenges faced by your prospect. You can introduce possible solutions to this problem. It is recommended you produce at least two at every stage of the video marketing process. Your goal here is to build trust, evoke emotion and earn shares. You just want to attract as many relevant people as possible to view your video, connect with your brand and establish trust.

2. Convert

After attracting viewers, your next goal is to convert these viewers into customers. This means generating leads. The video designed for this stage of video marketing process is to educate and excite your viewers. You simply create videos that visualize the solution to the buyer’s problem. The videos can be incorporated into your landing page or forms the landing page as a whole. You simply designed a platform for your viewers to submit their data such as name, email, etc.

Videos created under this stage can be webinar that are tactical in nature, product demos delivered via email, videos on landing pages promoting a product or service, case studies, explainer videos that have depth, etc. Like we mentioned earlier, create at least two videos per stage.

3. Closing sales: this is an important stage of the video marketing process that is often overlooked by marketers. At this stage, you’ve a new audience you attracted using video, converted into lead and you intend to sell to this audience. Your video must be created in such a way that it can serve the purpose of this stage. One of the best videos to create at this stage is a video testimonial. You can also use video demos to lure and win the emotion of your target audience. The video at this stage should try to convince the audience why your product or service can help solve their problem. It should be short and direct.

4. Delight (customer service)


This stage is very important if you really want to enjoy customer loyalty. Many business owners fail at this stage too. After a customer makes an order for your product or your service, you can create a ‘Thank You’ video to show appreciate. Video makes it more exciting. It can be a very short video to appreciate the customer. You can follow this up with series of educational videos on how best the customer can use the product or service the customer purchased from you. Reading product manuals can be boring but watching it can be interesting. At this stage, you can easily make a customer a repeat and loyal customer. The customer can further tell others about your service. You simply need to delight your customer.

Analyzing Your Video Marketing Result


At this stage, you must have defined your video goal, undergone the various stages of video creation process, you must have understood your target market, you know the video marketing process, right? You want to understand how to measure your result. Your result can be measured or analyzed if you have a set goal. This is why we emphasized that you should have a set goal that is realistic. For instance, your goal maybe to grow awareness. For a company that is new, growing awareness is the first type of video to create. Here are some for points to use for measuring your video marketing strategy:

  1. View count: this is all about the video reach. This means the number of times the video was viewed. You also need to understand that each platform has peculiar view count strategy. For instance, view counts on YouTube is 30 seconds while that of Facebook is 3 seconds.
  2. Clicks/play rate: this is the number of people who clicked to play your video. This is very important for your video marketing. You will get to understand if your targeting is useful for the campaign or not. For example, if the number of impressions your video got is very high and the number of people who clicked to watch it is very low, it shows poor audience targeting method or your content is not good enough.
  3. Engagement: this can be determined by various metrics. For instance, Facebook uses share, likes, and comments to determine this. For example, if your viewers are able to share your video, that simply means your video is relevant to that target market and good enough to be shared.
  4. Duration of watch: video completion is very important metrics video marketers should be looking at. This determines how many people actually viewed the entire video to the end. If viewers are able to completely watch the video, it shows that you have a great content out there.
  5. Click-through rate: this indicator is used to determine the number of people who clicked your call to action. If you have low Click-through-rate, it means something is wrong somewhere and you need to work on your content or audience targeting.
  6. Conversion rate: this is the number of times visitors completed the desired action after clicking through your link. Conversion rate maybe for the visitor to signup for trial, submit email, make a direct purchase, etc.


This is a super content well prepared for your video marketing needs. You can get started with this and do the video marketing the right way. At first, it may look like a long process, but once you get used to this, you can easily get this done. You can no longer waste customers by not creating videos. Like we pointed out initially, videos can only get more popular. Over 70% of online customers want to watch videos than read articles. The goal is to target customers, right? Embrace the power of video marketing.

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