Social media marketing tips has become one of the most sort after type of content in today’s online marketing world. In this post, SparkMediaX, a video production agency will discuss some of the best social media marketing tips you shouldn’t ignore in 2019.

To improve your online business, you need to keep updating yourself on the best social media marketing tips. Social media slowly crept into our lives, gradually, until it was the main point of our lives. We all need good and strategic social media marketing tips for our online business.

Here is the reality: 7 in 10 Americans use social media today, compared with only 5% in 2005.

Businesses owners and marketers took notice, and social media has since revolutionized the way we do marketing and run our business. Well, with these amazing facts, you wouldn’t blame any business owner for searching for social media marketing tips 2019.

If you can follow proper social media marketing tips in 2019, the benefits you would be getting for your business is endless. Social media is the market square.

Here are some of the few benefits of a proper social media strategy:

  1. Good social media strategy can Increased brand awareness
  2. Connect with your audience better
  3. Increased website traffic
  4. Grow a larger audience
  5. Generate more leads
  6. Make you more sales and money

The truth remains that social media has come to stay, it can only get better, the new market can be found on social media. As a result of these facts, social media should be part of your core marketing plans. The reality is that social media made video marketing even more popular.

Can we take a look at some of these statistics?

Facebook has about 2.2 billion active users every month, incredible, right?

150 million people are using the Pininterest platform platform every month

Instagram is the second biggest social media network.

As you can see, social media has the market, it is left for you to go there and tap yours as a marketer by using the best social media marketing tips 2019.

Sadly, if you do not follow proper or best social media tips, your entire social media strategy may fail!

Social Media Marketing Tips 2019

Set out your goals and objectives

What ever you want to do in life, you need a strong plan. That plan starts with a realistic goal and objective. The question is: what do you want to achieve with social media? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Get more sales? Get more traffic? Etc. You just have to answer the question of why social media? Once you set your goals and objectives correctly, it becomes easier to strategize socially.

Below are some of the tips on how to set goals and objectives for your social media strategy:

  1. Use numbers (such as: reach 5000 Instagram, twitter followers)
  2. Always set a deadline
  3. Be specific and make your goals “SMART”
  4. Make your goals in line with your entire marketing strategy
  5. Your goals must be attainable, realistic and meaningful.

Research and study your target audience


Your audience remain your market. To come out victorious in your social media strategy, you need a strong understanding of your target audience. In fact, audience research remains the most challenging part of social media marketing tips. If you can beat this, you are two steps closer to your goal.

You should be able to pinpoint their needs, wants, and desires -if you have a hope of creating a successful social media strategy.

Here are the best ways to understand your audience

  1. You can survey your audience to better grasp their pain points
  2. Take a closer look at their demographics
  3. You can also take part in conversations on forum filled with your target audience
  4. Reply to all comments or questions on your social media channels
  5. Collect feedback (using one of the many user feedback tools available)
  6. Write an article and read their comments carefully to understand better what they want in your article.

Any social media strategy without proper understanding of the target audience will fail big time!

Run contests on your chosen social media platforms:

Contest has been used severally by social media gurus. Contests via social media platforms are great method to add to your social media strategy. Depending on what you really want to achieve, crafting a successful social media contest is one of the most reliable tactics you can use.  Social media content can increase your online visibility, your followers, and your engagement. Just make sure you do it properly.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools you can use to create an outstanding giveaway or sweepstakes. You can check out this article: Best social media contest tools.


One of the major ideas behind social media contests is to offer something of tremendous value. Something that’ll be irresistible to your audience.

How to run a contest on social media:

  1. You need to figure out what your goals are for the contest (for instance, do you want more Facebook page likes? Instagram followers? How many?)
  2. You need to make up your mind what social media channel you’ll host the contest on
  3. Decide the deadline and when the winner will receive their prize
  4. Create the contest (look at different types and choose the right one for your audience)
  5. Do everything to promote it with all your might! You may use paid ad.
  6. Encourage your audience to share, and like your page to increase their chance of winning.

Pay attention to your social media contents

You need to pay attention to your social media contents. What I usually tell clients is that if your content is good, people will share it. People are more likely to hit the share button once they find a content useful. In order to do very well with contents, you need to understand how the popular social media platforms work. If you do not understand how they work, you maybe posting the right contents on the wrong platform. Check this out:

LinkedIn – This a social networking site perfect for professionals. It is a professional network that is perfect for B2B audiences. The platform also includes LinkedIn Pulse, a content publishing and distribution platform.

Facebook – One of the most popular platforms right now. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. The platform is great for news/entertainment related contents. Many bloggers drive reliable traffic from facebook.

Instagram – Best for visual related contents such as static images and short videos. Unfortunately, I have never considered this platform good enough for traffic.

Pinterest – Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is highly visual. Although it’s limited to static images, it can be highly effective at driving traffic back to your blog.

Twitter: Great for traffic as well. This platform has real loyal platform users.

I suggest you pay attention to one or two platforms, achieve success there before attempting another.

How to craft captivating copy on social media:

  1. Use copywriting techniques or hire professional copywriters for social media if you can afford that.
  2. Address your audience directly: Speak to them. People get connected easily online when copies address them. I have seen marketers and influencers use this method many times.
  3. Use snappy, witty, or intriguing hooks to begin your social media posts.
  4. Try linking to blog posts, videos, ask questions, etc, the idea is different content formats.
  5. Always write a description on every link you post. Do not post a naked link, make sure you add description.

Reduce the sales tactics


No one loves to be bombarded with promotional contents like a war motion. Gone are the days when marketers succeeded in selling straight away to customers. These days, customers are savvy, smarter and very conscious of what they pay for. This is why I tell social media strategists to reduce the obvious sales marketing. Seriously, these days, when you see Facebook ad, check the comment, you will surely see many people complaining about the promotion. This was why marketers came up with free offers.

Unfortunately, many people are now scared of free offers. They believe that the free offers come with a price tag.

Customers want to establish real connections and relationships with you and your brand. They want to trust you. That’s the secret sauce to getting your audience or customers to trust you.

And, if they can trust you – they’ll buy from you. Internet customers can only buy from you if they trust you. This is why you shouldn’t appear like you are just there to sell, act like you are there to connect with them.

According to this study by Sprout Social, 57.5% of people found too much of promotion by brands very annoying.


So, what style of content should you be using?

You should write helpful contents that people actually want to consume. If your content can solve problems, you can easily build trust. Content that leads buyers to your products or services – without being pushy or ‘salesy’ will do the magic.

Take advantage of video content in your social media strategy


According to this forecast by Cisco, 82% of all consumer traffic will be from video content by 2021. Are you still missing out? This is where SparkMediaX comes in. YouTube is big! Massive traffic from video platforms will only continue to grow. You must think video if you really want to spice up your social media strategy. These days, many marketers are learning how to go live on facebook to market their products, services and brands. It’s super easy way to build trust. Remember what I said about trust, right? It is important for your social media strategy. Check out why your business needs Video FaceBook Ad

2d animated explainer video is another super cool way to sell a product, or service. Check out our article on video marketing guide 2019 for extensive reading on video marketing. Many elite brands are using corporate videos to reach out to their customers. How about the very popular whiteboard videos? Amazing how video has been growing. The truth is that it’s easier to watch than to read. You can also check out Why your business needs video Infographics right now!

Use mind-blowing images


This shouldn’t surprise you at all. Social media is highly visual orientated. Platforms such as Pin-interest, Instagram and Facebook has really done well with visual based contents. This is why crafting mind-blowing images should be part of your priority if you really want to do well in social media.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer in order to craft stunning graphics for your brand. You can utilize tools like Canva to craft mind-blowing images to wow your audience.

You need to connect with your audience

You would be making a very big mistake if you don’t connect with your audience on social media. No matter the size of your audience, you need to find a way to connect with them. To demonstrate how powerful social media is, a study by Sprout social noted that 73.3% of people purchase items or services because of social media:

Here are some of the best ways to connect with your audience via social media

  1. Interact in Twitter Chats, no one loves to be ignored!
  2. Retweet on Twitter: don’t feel too big, kindly do this.
  3. Survey your audience, I highlighted the importance of this earlier.
  4. You can also engage in Facebook groups with a similar target audience.
  5. Always reply to comments on your Facebook business page: this is super important. Reply to comments.

There is right tool for almost everything

Your social media marketing strategy will work more effectively if you use the right tools. This is where social media marketing tools come into play. You can check out this article on 5 great social media automation tools. This will help you to get started.

Finally, carefully execute the above discussed social media marketing tips and watch your marketing goals met. They are simple and best social media marketing tips out there to help you grow your small to medium size business online. What you can achieve using social media is endless. You can do a lot more by applying basic social media marketing tips 2019 along with your social media strategies.

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