The amazing positive effects of advertising can never be underestimated or over emphasized! Advertising, over the years has been visual. How about when you get this done using video marketing? The truth remains that facebook video ad can grow your business. We live in a fast-pace society and it’s essential you make use of well-chosen texts along with great looking image in motion, to convey, sell or educate your target market.

Now, when you combine the power of facebook and video marketing, your business will surely grow faster than you ever imagined. It’s best when done the right and proper way.

At SparkMediaX, we understand the importance of video marketing, this is why we have mentioned in our previous post that you should Buy A Corporate video for your company. SparkMediax has also written extensively on the importance of 2d animated video and why you need video marketing for your business.

First, what is SparkMediaX all about?

SparkMediaX is a video production agency. We create and edit videos for our clients in different markets and fields. We create 2d animated explainer video, produce whiteboard video, corporate videos, video inforgraphics social media videos such as facebook, Instagram, etc. We also offer script writing services, copywriting services, SEO articles, Voice over service, YouTube and Social media management services. We are interested in growing your business with various content marketing strategies.

In this article, we take a look at some of the reason you need to consider facebook video marketing.

Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook Video Ad


  1. Greater exposure:

Facebook has millions of users daily. I mean active users. That is a large market, right? Facebook is arguably the largest social media platform currently. It remains the number one choice for internet ad specialists. So, utilizing this platform means exposing your business to more people around the world. Great platform to try out your video marketing campaigns.

  1. Social Connectivity

Like we pointed out earlier, facebook is the largest social networking site right now. The power of facebook is the ability to connect with millions of people. This can be done through share, comments, likes, etc. This can easily make your video ad go viral. If that happens, you’re made for life! The point is that facebook has the strong appeal to increase social connectivity. This can be called referral in the business world. This can be very helpful to your business.

  1. Search Engine Visibility

Facebook videos can be searched on google too. Did you know that? Just like videos on YouTube, facebook videos appear on seach engine results pages. This means you can benefit from organic traffic from Google and traffic from facebook. Videos are becoming extremely popular and important. Get on, use it.

  1. Easier Conversions

Facebook video ad has been proven effective not just in the area of traffic, it is also very much effective in boosting conversion rate. Any video ad properly and effectively done and uploaded on facebook as an ad can easily convince users to purchase your product. It is easier to get facebook users to respond to your desired ‘Call To Action’ using facebook video ad than any other method.

  1. Potential to go viral

Like I pointed earlier, facebook can make your product, company, service, idea, etc go viral easily. All thanks to the engagement ad feature. The engagement ad features of facebook when combined with the power of video marketing, can easily make your product, or whatsoever you are into go viral.

If you’re not making use of facebook video ad today, you’re simply missing out and leaving your business behind. We can help you create powerful facebook ad video bundles at an amazing rate. Get in touch with us now to benefit from this offer.

If you want to try it out by yourself, take a look at some tips:

Facebook video ad Tips


A. Use compelling visuals to capture audience

Facebook video ad play automatically without audio. This is why you need to be creative while using visual effects. The visual effects help to capture the interest of your target audience. This maybe where you need professional agencies such as SparkmediaX to help you out.

B. Your video should be specific

If your goal is get users to signup for your newsletter, create a video specifically for that purpose. Do not try to sort everything out on a single video ad. No, it doesn’t work that way. If what you simply what to do is informational base video ad, make use of corporate video styled theme and create a video for such purpose.

C. Plan your video according to your target audience. This is where audience research comes into play. You need to understand your audience if you really want to effectively use facebook video ad. The video should be created with the audience in mind. If your target market is for lovers, you video theme and feel should have such capture that generates love and romance. Once again, SparkMediaX can help you with this.

D. Make your video short and concise enough

Seriously, this is hard to achieve. The best video ad on facebook are usually short. The shorter and concise, the better. I usually suggest between 10 to 30 seconds. This is why you need professionals to help you out. We can easily determine how long a specific video should run.

E. Get more out of your video ad through A/B testing

A/B testing is all about testing which ad brings better desired result. This is not split testing. It is about testing which of the video ad brings best result compared to same desired variable.

Finally, facebook video ad is here to stay. The truth remains that it can only get better. Marketers are going to be more creative, stylish and compelling with their video ad. Facebook video ad sells very well. Get on board and use this amazing platform. Video ads are superb. SparkMediaX can help you create outstanding video ad for your facebook campaign. Contact us right away!

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