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SparkMediaX is a video production agency committed to the production of awesome explainer video, infographic videos, whiteboard animated videos, corporate videos, voice over services, copywriting and video editing services. In this post, we take a look at 5 awesome reason your business needs explainer video:
Over the years, explainer videos have increased in popularity. Business and service owners use explainer videos for their online business. The amount of time visitors spend on your website is an important aspect Google considers for website ranking. This comes in handy with explainer videos. Good explainer videos offer high retention rate. Above all, explainer video makes call to action even more effective. Read on to find out 5 awesome reasons your business needs explainer video.

5. Increases conversion rate
A survey conducted by Video Rascal, about 85% of people are more likely to buy your product if there is an explainer video about the product. Exapliner videos are visual appealing and can easily grab the attention for viewers. Another research stated that customers are more likely to watch a video than read an article about a product. Exapliner videos can keep the track of what product or service prospective customers are more interested in by displaying the video counts.

4. Explains your product or service
Reading a long text can be tricky due to understanding issue. Customers may read your article about your business with varying degrees of understanding. However, a good explainer video is usually clear, and precise. Explainer videos help customers to understand your product and services better. The visual and storyline help to achieve this. Explainer video helps you to connect better with your customers by explainer what your business is all about within few minutes or seconds!


Your Business Needs Explainer Video

3. Increased interest rate
A study conducted by The C100, about 70% of internet users watch videos online. The research further noted that over 50% of the population will watch video online this year. This goes to show you how powerful videos can be, read about our whiteboard videos production. In today’s world, more and more business owners are choosing social signals to generate customers’ interest. They achieve this with the help of images and videos. Explainer video can really help increase interest rate regarding your product.

4. Increased google ranking
According to a report by spork Marketing, websites with videos do rank better in Google universal searches. Many customers wouldn’t like to waste too much on a website. An explainer video can help these customers make positive decision. Websites with many videos tend to rank well because google knows how important videos are to customers.

5. Increased web traffic
As online business owner, you love web traffic, right? Everyone who has a web presence and in for a serious business really do. Explainer videos can help generate increased web traffic. An increased in google ranking can generate more web traffic, right? Alright, how about videos that go viral? Yes, there is the potential to go viral with your explainer video. There is no core formula for this, but it’s possible with your video. Videos that go viral help to increase web traffic dramatically. That is the dream of every web-based business owner. All you need to do is to create outstanding explainer video for your business and you maybe the next owner of a viral video product. Read about our Corporate Video Production Service

In conclusion, these are among some of the best reasons your business needs an explainer video right now. SparkMediaX is ready to create superb explainer video for your business, product or service within 5 days. At SparkMediaX, we can help you from scratch to finish. Contact us right away for your awesome explain video. You can view our pricing here